Курсы английского языка для студентов

Задания к тексту «Best Friends» для группы взрослых молодыx людей уровня advanced.


Если Вы студент - то этот тест из курсов английского языка для студентов именно для Вас. Пройдите данное задание, проверьте свои силы в английском. А если Вы ответили на часть вопросов и хотите улучшить свои результаты, то мы готовы предложить интенсив курсы английского языка в Москве.

Задания к тексту «Best Friends» для группы взрослых молодыx людей уровня advanced. 

  1. Discuss with a friend

DO you have a lot of friends? Are they good friends?

What can you do for your friends? How can you help them?

How can they help you?

  1. Check if you know these words and phrases. Give definitions to them. 

Tripped –

Break in - 

Grabbed –

Collar –

Terrified –

Rush hour –

Despite the fact –

To press charges –

  1.  Read the text

Best Friends. 

Clearly there was nobody at home: those newspapers sticking out of the letterbox are a sure sign that the owners are away.

‘Come on! Let’s break in!’

‘I don’t think we should. it’s not like stealing apples.’

‘Are you afraid? Chicken!’

‘Who’s chicken? I’ll show you!’

Being taller than Ginger, Deggy was able to reach up and open the window. The boys climbed in and looked around. Then they heard the screech of breaks as a car pulled up outside the house. They ran as fast as they could. Ginger got away, but Deggy tripped and fell. The policeman grabbed Deggy by the collar and took him to the police station. They questioned him for hours and hours. They wanted to know the other boy’s name, but he didn’t tell them.

Meanwhile, Ginger sat at home, terrified. He expected at any moment to hear police knocking on his door. But he needn’t   have worried. His friend Deggy said nothing. He was sent to prison for a year. When he got out, he knew that his parents didn’t want him, so he decided to go and see his old friend, Ginger. Ginger   had not visited him in prison. Perhaps his parents had told him not to.

Deggy did not recognise the woman who opened the door.

‘Oh, they don’t live there any more. I think they moved to Birmingham, but I am not sure. Sorry.’

The platform was crowded. It was the rush hour, and a crowd of business men and women we waiting for the train to take them back to their comfortable homes in the suburbs. Among the waiting passengers was a tall man in an expensive overcoat. He had the fat face of a man who lives well and eats only the best food. He was standing under the notice that said ‘Beware of Pickpocket’. A slim red-haired man as moving quickly through the crowd. He worked his way over to the tall well-fed man, bumped into him and then slipped away quickly. Unfortunately for him, a railway policeman had seen the whole thing. He grabbed the slim man by the collar, and dragged him to where the tall man was standing.

‘Excuse me, sir,’ the policeman said,’ but would you be good enough to check your pockets.’

‘Good heavens! My wallet! I can’t find my wallet.’

The policeman pulled the slim man up by his collar. ‘Come on, let’s have it!’

The pickpocket took the wallet out and handed it over to the policeman.

‘Is this your wallet, sir?’

‘Yes, it is! Look. Those are my initials.’

He looked down at the thief, his eyes filled with disgust. At that moment, despite the fact that he had not seen him in twenty-five years, he recognized his childhood friend, Ginger, the one he had been with when they had broken into a house and the police had come and…

Ginger kept his eyes fixed on the ground. He had no interest in staring into the face of the man he had just tried to rob.

‘Do you want to press charges against this man, sir?’ the policeman asked? There was a moment’s silence.

‘Of course, officer,’ Deggy said. ‘We must teach these thieves a lesson.’

The pickpocket shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t even hate the businessman. That’s the way the world is, he thought to himself as the policeman took him away. Meanwhile, Deggy, the successful businessman, had boarded him train, satisfied that he had done his duty as a good citizen…

  1. Comprehension questions:

What was the crime boys had committed?

Who was the instigator to commit the crime?

Why do you think Ginger didn’t visit Deggy in prison?

How many years after did the friends meet?

Were they glad to see each other?

What happened to each of them after their last meeting you think?

  1. (In pairs) Make up your won questions on the theme Crime and Friendship.
  2. Discuss your questions with other pairs.
  3. Choose the best question.
  4. Role – play (Work in pairs or in a group of three)

Imagine yourself in a café you have to make friends with each other.

(You are a new comer to the company, at a conference, on holidays overseas, at a railway station, at the airport.)

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